The so famous Maulkorb Steiff inspired me this strong Aloïs. RThe famous german factory had created in 1908 a teddy bear wearing a muzzle, reminding the bears of the bear leaders.

So for Aloïs I draw a rather traditional pattern, with pointed snout, hump... I've chosen a sparse mohair to give him an ancient aspect. Black hairs give him a realistic and savage appearance. But the burgundy basis of the mohair modernizes and softens Aloïs.

He wears a leather muzzle that I made for him. But he still feels relaxed for it doesn't prevent him to speak or eat or drink!

Aloïs is about 31cm when standing. Stuffed with mohair. Glass eyes. Jointed 5 ways. OOAK (one of a kind). Entirely hand sewn.

Aloïs is happy, adopted by a very kind person.

















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